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  1. Hi Rajarshi,

    Currently we are using traditional mediation system which collect the CDR(Online and Offline) ,decode/apply bussiness logic and encode and send further to different billing system.

    Is it possible to migrate all the functionality to some OCS . and what would be the approach to handle it .

    1. Hi Santosh,

      Thanks for reaching out. I would like to understand AS-IS and TO-BE approaches including details about the proposed OCS (I believe it should be Convergent Charging System to handle both Offline & Online charging).

      You can use the contact form to send out your contact details. We can discuss further.


  2. Hello Rajarshi,
    It would be helpful if you explain MNP (Number Portability) process and Order Management (orchestration, provisioning, fulfillment) process.
    Thanks !!

    1. Noted. Though I cannot commit any timelines, but I will surely come up with articles on MNP, Orchestration, Provisioning & Service Fulfillment. Thanks for sharing your comments.


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